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“Finally, a New Clue to Solve the CIA’s Mysterious Kryptos Sculpture”

The six letters that spell “Berlin”—NYPVTT—-are the 64th through 69th letters of the final 97 characters and the new clue “clock” are deciphered from the next five letters that follow it.

This means that the letters from positions 64 to 74 spell out two words: “Berlin clock.”

When asked whether his new clue was a reference to this Berlin clock, Mr. Sanborn, sounding pleased, said, “There are several really interesting clocks in Berlin.”

He added, “You’d better delve into that particular clock,” a favorite of conspiracy theorists because of the mysterious death in 1991 of its designer, Dieter Binninger. With all the intriguing timekeepers in the city, including the “Clock of Flowing Time,” Mr. Sanborn said, “There’s a lot of fodder there.”

So, obviously I’m wrong.

It was a very nice solution possible but the circumstances have changed


Berlin — Have you been there?

A strange clock of Berlin and Kryptos, the CIA sculpture have something in common in their base: A compass rose engraved

At the same time as the main sculpture was installed, sculptor Jim Sanborn also placed several other pieces around CIA grounds, such as several large granite slabs with sandwiched copper sheets outside the entrance to the New Headquarters Building. Several morse code messages are engraved in the copper, and one of the slabs has an engraved compass rose and a lodestone. Other elements of Sanborn’s installation include a landscaped area, a duck pond, a reflecting pool, and several other seemingly unmarked slabs.

The World Clock “Urania” located on the famous Alexanderplatz is one of the most visited places of cosmopolitan Berlin. Located in the city center and meeting point for tourists, friends, lovers or protesters, is as popular as Alex itself.

Berlin Reloj Mundial Alexanderplatz

The structure of cement and aluminum measuring total 10 meters high. The lower column measuring 2.7 meters and has a width of 1.5 meters. It stands on a compass rose shaped stone mosaic (shown in the picture, notice his base of the spine).


Is this just a coincidence?

I have not visited Berlin and I have no better picture.
Is it true that there is a compass Rose?

This seems like the search for treasure
To search where is the x, or in this case looking where is the compass rose.

Bye from Spain.
November 23, 2014

Addenda December 18, 2014. MUSIC AND THE BERLIN CLOCK

+ The video for the song, shot at the World Clock in Alexanderplatz Berlin, features an early appearance by Jason Statham as a silver-painted background dancer. “Run to the Sun” is a song by British synthpop duo Erasure, released as the second single from their sixth studio album “I Say I Say I Say” (1994).


Gil Grissom (CSI):  ” I tend not to believe people; they lie.  The evidence never lies. “

If “berlinclock” is THE plaintext break then we can to start from the end, by the peculiarities of the text unveiled & coded at the same time.
Dec. 23, A.D. 2014